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Troy Innocent

Current position
Lecturer at Monash University since 15/02/1999 (Full-time)
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Short bio:
Troy innocent is Deputy Head (Research), Multimedia and Digital Arts
Troy Innocent has been exploring new aesthetics enabled by computers since 1989. Deconstructing and understanding the endemic properties, language and nature of the digital realm has been the underlying theme of his work. Trained as a designer and practising as an artist, he has moved across media in works involving computer animation, installation art, interactive media, synthetic images and sound. His work has been exhibited widely at national and international galleries, conferences, and symposia, including Ars Electronica 2004.
Typically, these works involve the construction of artificial worlds that explore the ?language of computers?. In his work, Innocent explores the dynamic between the iconic ideal and the personal specific, the real and the simulated, and the way in which our identity is shaped by our language and communication.
Troy's recent work includes lifeSigns: eco-system of signs and symbols, an interactive installation commissioned by ACMI / Film Victoria exhibited in 2004: Australian Culture Now, Semiomorph (ISEA02, Nagoya, Japan) and Iconica; trans?forms (Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia).