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Mike Leggett

Current positions
Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney since 01/01/2001 (Part-time)
PhD Student at University of Technology Sydney since 01/02/2004 (Full-time)
Research Assistant at University of Technology Sydney since 01/02/2002 (Part-time)
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Short bio:
Mike Leggett has been working with media across the institutions of art, education, IT, cinema and television since the late-60s. Currently he works within the PhD program of the Creativity & Cognition Studio in the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney.
He has film and video work in archives and collections in Europe, Australia, North and South America. He has curated exhibitions of interactive multimedia including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. He writes and lectures about media art, contributing to journals (Leonardo; Continuum), magazines (RealTime, World Art), online ‘zines (FineArt Forum).