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Melanie Rodriga

Short bio:
Melanie Rodriga has worked in the film and television industry in Australia and New Zealand for over twenty years. She has directed nineteen films, most of which she has also written, including the two feature films Trial Runand Send A Gorilla. Her third feature, Teesh & Trude was completed in Western Australia in 2002.

She was a finalist in the 1988 NZ Listener Film and Television Awards for best director in TV drama for her work on the TVNZ television drama series The Marching Girls.She was a finalist in the arts columnist category, 1999 QANTAS media awards, NZ.

She has extensive experience in most areas of film and television writing, direction, editing and production and also teaches film writing, production and editing at Higher Education institutions.

Me22-Aug-2005, independent, broadcast, non-broadcast, community and commercial. She has been a board member at ScreenWest, is a National Board Member for the Australian Screen Director's Association and their representative in Western Australia and a member of the Film and Television Institute in Fremantle and Women In Film, Sydney. She is a script consultant, both privately and for ScreenWest and has lectured at Film and Television Institute, Screen Workshop and is currently at Murdoch University. She was also the founding Cinema Editor for GRACE magazine, NZ.

She is in a working business partnership in film production and has three feature films in development in Western Australia. Cecile B. deux Mels produced three short films in 2000-2001 and is currently marketing their first feature Teesh & Trude.