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Matthew Perkins

Short bio:

Matthew Perkins is the Studio Coordinator Photomedia in the Department of Multimedia and Digital Arts of the Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University, Australia. His work has been exhibited in Figuratively Speaking: The Figure in Contemporary Video Art, Brisbane (2007), Stranger Geography, Italy (2007) and Skin Alive, Canberra, Melbourne (2007). Perkins has also curated a number of exhibitions that focus on digital media and the body including Anxious Bodies, Melbourne, Hobart (2006-7), Unsharp/Unconscious, Brisbane, Launceston (2006) and Vernacular Terrain, China, Japan, Australia (2007-8). He recently co-authored with Elena Galimberti ‘Historical continuums: video art at the George Paton Gallery’ in Helen Vivien (ed), When You Think About Art: The Ewing & George Paton Galleries 1971-2006, Macmillan, 2008 and ‘Globalising Effects: Video Art and Documentary Codes’ and ‘Digital Archives and the Conservation of Time-Based Arts’, papers for the 2008 Art Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference. With Anne Marsh he founded the Australian Video Art Archive in 2006.