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Marsha Berry

Current position
Senior Lecturer at RMIT since 01/01/2005 (Full-time)
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Website: rmit

Short bio:
Dr Marsha Berry is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Media and Communication at RMIT University. She is a founding member of the Mobile Media Research Group at RMIT University. Berry has published her research in mobile media and its relationship with place and memory at nationally and internationally significant conferences and journals. Berry is currently leading a research team that is building a wireless Bluetooth system for locative and mobile media called Transmesh.
Berry is a founding a member of Evolved Art. She has exhibited her work using genetic algorithms in recognised international and regional art galleries. She contributed to several of the group’s refereed publications at highly regarded international conferences.
Berry has also made significant contributions in education and new media through the implementation of blogging software in 2002 and as a result of this work she was invited to be a lead investigator in a research study in 2005 exploring the use of Tablet PCs in the design process with students from the Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems). This research was reported at significant national and international conferences. She has published papers on user experience and HCI and received the Best Paper award in the International Conference on Computers in Education 2004, organized by the Asia Pacific Society for Computers in Education. She has also worked with a nationally recognised multimedia expert (Reece Lamshed) to design and develop wizards to assist educational designers to develop online instructional material that is sound pedagogically, usable and accessible by people with disabilities.