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Mark Gajewski

Short bio:
I began my professional career winning an Emmy award for Best Public Service Announcements/Marketing Campaigns while just a senior in high school where I majored in Television Production.

I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at Kent State University in my home town, Cleveland, Ohio. Since then I have produced for a variety of cable networks and various production companies in San Francisco and New York. I have produced multiple corporate videos, managed/coordinated advertising media campaigns, wrote, produced and directed a variety of commercials and developed CD-ROM’s/DVD’s for the gaming, educational and entertainment industries.

I am currently developing Think Beyond Media, an emerging 501-C3 non-profit. My organizational aims are to operate threefold, as a contemporary media design/developer, media art research facility and as a gallery/performance outlet. As I am organizing/directing these company initiatives, I am reaching out to like minded organizations, artists and individuals dedicated to the contemporary media/research and creative industries. With the intentions of organizing national/international collaborations.

Additionally, I am Curating/Developing three programs. Their themes are: New Media Art in Architectural Practices, a GPS/Locative Media/Second Life exhibit and a drawing/animation film collaborative.

Finally, I am in negotiations for the purchase of several prolific film writers properties which will be developed into several DVD-Multimedia pieces and site specific installations.