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VJ Sustenance

VJ Sustenance

Lynne Sanderson


Short bio:
Based in Adelaide, Lynne has been entertaining clubbers with her original style of layered visuals since 1992. From small to large shows, some of the highlights have included Dave Clarke and Aphex Twin. She has also crossed over to corporate shows such as the launch of the Adelaide Film Festival 2005 and was resident at the Adelaide Festival's Persian Garden 2006/08. Lynne’s obsession with more fluid performative control led her to create the v-tar, a visual controller in the shape of a flying v guitar.

Over the years, Lynne also has led a parallel life as a media artist. Her artworks are interactive / bio-reactive and involve the participation of the public. She has exhibited extensively including MTV Australia, the Museum of Modern Art NYC, ISEA95 Montreal, Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Sydney Opera House, Biennale of Electronic Art Perth (BEAP) and the New Forms Festival, Vancouver, Canada.

After many years of collaborations and conversations with musicians, Lynne has started creating dark, minimal beats using a Nintendo DS.

Her exploration of physical computing has led her to trigger aspects of both the audio and visual on the v-tar. Lynne is experimenting with the live implementation and performance of these mediums. She is exploring the process of what is it to create sound from a visual perspective.

Lynne has also been lecturing in media arts for many years. She is currently co-ordinating the digital media stream in visual arts at Adelaide Centre for the Arts.