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Knowmore (House of Commons) 2009

Knowmore (House of Commons) 2009

Keith Armstrong

Most recent position
Senior Research Fellow at QUT from 19/12/2006 to 19/11/2009 (Part-time)
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Website: Embodiedmedia

There is a failure of the televisual to create an adequate image of the relational complexity of our ecological problems - this creates a 'crisis of crisis' (Tony Fry)

Short bio:
KEITH ARMSTRONG has specialised for 18 years in collaborative, hybrid, new media works with an emphasis on site-specific electronic arts, networked interactive installations, alternative interfaces, innovative performance forms and art-science collaborations. His ongoing research focuses on how scientific and philosophical ecologies can both influence and direct the design and conception of networked, interactive media artworks. Keith's artworks have been shown and profiled extensively both in Australia and overseas and he has been the recipient of numerous grants from the public and private sectors. He was formerly an Australia Council New Media Arts Fellow, a doctoral and Postdoctoral New Media Fellow at QUT's Creative Industries Faculty and a lead researcher at the ACID Australasian Cooperative Research Centre for Interaction Design. He is currently a part-time Senior Research Fellow (2 days pw.) at QUT and an actively practicing freelance new media artist.