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John Conomos

Short bio:
John Conomos is a media artist, critic, and theorist who extensively exhibits both locally and internationally. His art practice cuts across a variety of art forms - video, new media, installation, performance and radiophonic art - and deals with autobiography, identity, memory, post-colonialism, and the "in- between" links between cinema, literature, and the visual arts.

Conomos is a prolific contributor to local and overseas art, film and media journals and a frequent participant in conferences, forums and seminars. In 2000 Conomos was awarded a New Media Fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts. He also co-edited (with Brad Buckley) the anthology Republics of Ideas (Pluto Press) in 2001 and his collection of essays, Mutant Media (Artspace, Sydney) was published in 2004.