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Jeremy Blank

Current position
coordinator Media Arts at North Metropolitan TAFE since 01/03/2016 (Part-time)
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Website: Mindarie Project

Currently working on the Media Art Scoping Study as interviewer and reporter. Would be interested to interview any academics, lecturers, artists who have worked in Media/Electronic Art/ Performance/ Video/ Photography/Photomedia/ Computer Arts/ Sound/ Hybrid/ New Media about their experiences,educational initiatives, support, integration and longevity of their work related to education. contact

PhD research on integration of Media Arts within core visual art curriculum at Curtin University.

Short bio:
Jeremy currently coordinates Electronic Art at Central TAFE Perth WA and has worked within Electronic Arts since 1999. Has extensive experience in video and collaborative works including curation of streams for 2004 & 2007 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth. Originally trained at Chelsea School of Art & Goldsmiths College London.