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Hugh Davies

Current positions
Lecturer at RMIT since 01/07/2010 (Part-time)
Lecturer at Monash University since 01/07/2010 (Part-time)
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Short bio:
Hugh Davies is a media arts practitioner and educator. Hugh has held lecturing positions at Monash University, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, The Adelaide Centre for the Arts and the University of South Australia. He has presented his research and creative work at numerous conferences and universities including the University of Tokyo and Carnegie Melon, and has tutored at The Royal Danish Art Academy.
Hugh has also presented workshops on making animations for mobile phones for school children in regional areas through the pixelplay program, and set up the ABC animation training and hosting site “Rollermache” for 8 to 15 year olds while employed at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Hugh is undertaking his PhD and is the Chairman of the Board at the Australian Network for Art and Technology.