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Gillian Leahy

Short bio:
Undergraduate Program Co-ordinator of Media arts and Production at the University of Technology, Sydney.
Having completed an honours Anthropology Degree at Sydney University in 1973, Gillian Leahy studied at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. She worked as a clapper loader on four feature films and worked as an independent director and camera operator on a number of films. She was a member of the editorial board of FILMNEWS. She began teaching at UTS in 1983. She has directed over 16 films ranging in length from 10 to 55 minutes. She has written three as yet un-produced feature scripts with funding from the Australian Film Commission. She is best known for her experimental essay film, MY LIFE WITHOUT STEVE, which won an AFI Award for Best Experimental Film and Best Film at the Melbourne Film Festival, amongst other awards. She wrote, produced and directed OUR PARK, a documentary made for SBS TV. She is currently writing a feature film script, THE WEATHERMAN LIED, which tells the story of a man who disappears from his life and family. She writes on documentary theory.
Gillian holds numerous professional positions including Member of the Executive and the Advisory Committee of the Australian Screen Production Education and Research Association, Member of the Australian Screen Directors' Association, Member of the Australian Writers' Guild, Member of the Australian Documentary Forum organising committee