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Colin Black

Website: Colin Black

Short bio:
Internationally acclaimed composer/sound artist Colin Black won the prestigious Prix Italia Award (2003) for composing and producing his major work The Ears Outside My Listening Room.

Black’s credits includes creating radio art and sound based works/installations for the following organsiations: Deutschlandradio Kultur's Klangkunst program, Czech Radio’s Radiocustica program, En Red O 2000 (music festival Barcelona Spain), Rencontres Musiques Nouvelles (Lunel France), 60x60 Pacific Basin Regional Concert (Los Angeles), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art, Hipersonica 2004 (Sao Paulo), The Literature Sound Barrier 2002 (Wien, Austria). Australasian Computer Music Conference 2008, the Parramatta Heritage Centre, NORPA and Lismore City Council.

Black’s written publications include; “Oh Dear ABC” (Limelight, Jan 2004), “Radio Art: The age of the ‘Bunker’ Artist, Digging in Deeper, Spreading Thinner ... ” (Vital Signs, 2005), “The Extended Enviro-Guitar (XEG): A Mobile Acoustic Profiling Resonating Filter”, (4th International Mobile Music Workshop, 2007), “Is Anyone Listening”, (RealTime, April-May 2008), “Alien In The Landscape: Distillation and Filtration of Soundscapes” (Sounding Out 4, 2008), “Radio Art: Broadcast or Outcast” (Music Forum. Journal of the Music Council of Australia, Feb - April 2009).

Black has been invited to talk about radio art and his work on London's Resonance 104.4FM, at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Technische Universität Berlin and the Victoria University of Wellington.

Black is currently a post-graduate research candidate at the University of Sydney and a tutor of music, media, audio and sound design at TAFE.