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Chris Chesher

Current position
Director Digital Technology and Culture at University of Sydney since 2005 (Full-time)
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Short bio:
Chris Chesher is the Director of the Digital Technology and Culture Program in the School of English, Art History, Film and Media. He previously worked at the University of New South Wales, School of Media and Communications (1997-2004), Macquarie University (1995-1997), University of Technology, Sydney (1990-1994), and University of Newcastle (1993). He also worked at the Public Broadcasting Association of Australia (now CBAA), and the Centre for Independent Journalism at UTS. His work has combined media production and teaching (print, database, web and animation) with new media theory and research.
His teaching and research centres on information and communication technologies (in the broadest sense), and their interweaving with social structures and cultural practices. His background in sociologically inflected media studies is interlaced with critical theory and continental philosophy, and new media studies and cyberculture.