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Adrian Miles

Short bio:
Adrian Miles is a Senior Lecturer in Cinema and New Media at RMIT University, Melbourne, and is coordinator of the labsome Honours research studio. He was formally Senior Researcher in New Media at the InterMedia Lab, University of Bergen. He is an internationally recognisesd theorist and creator of hypermedia and this academic work has been published in numerous peer reviewed publications. He also is a networked interactive video developer and these applied projects have been exhibited internationally.

Adrian's research practice concentrates on hypermedia, interactive narrative, and the development of media annotation tools to facilitate audiovisual research in humanities contexts. He has a specific theoretical interest in link poetics and conceptualising an aesthetics of interactive video. This work utilises the cinema theory of Gilles Deleuze and seeks to apply it in novel ways to rethink notions of interactivity, the user, and the text. His creative practice explores the aesthetics and affordances of networked, distributed video and the possibilities for new forms of distribution and expression that this may enable. He is an active and founding participant of the "Affective Atlas" project within RMIT University's Design Institute.

In his teaching practice Adrian uses process based methodologies to explore emergent pedagogies and network literacies across disciplines, including hypertext theory and practice, interactive audiovisual media, and cinema studies.

Adrian Miles is on the Literary Advisory Board of the Electronic Literature Organization, and the editorial boards of inFlect, PostModern Culture, Text Technology, and Scan: Journal of Media Arts and Culture. He is currently on the executive committee of the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and is a regular program committee member for the annual conferences of the ACM hypertext SIG, the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and the Digital Arts and Culture conference series.