National Organisation of Media Arts Database

Help Instructions – Quick Overview

Main Menu

Here are the set of main menu items (data entry sections):

  • Your details (personal info, professional positions and roles)
  • Organisations (universitities, TAFE, arts industry associations, etc. and their related faculties, departments, schools, etc.)
  • Facilities (teaching, research, production focused)
  • Educational components (courses, subjects, modules, workshops, etc.)
  • Regions (national, state, local)

A number of the menu items are closely related, so that, for instance, when you are entering your professional details, you can select from the current list of organisations.  Moreover in specifying an organisation, you can link it to specific educational components and the like.  The practical implication is that you will often need to move between the main menu categories in order to enter all of your relevant information. Related to this, beneath the main menu there appears, as necessary, a contextual menu linked to the main menu choices.

Here are additional details on each of the main data entry sections:

Your details:

  • details: name, password, etc., as well as a short bio and statement (Paul, need to clarify what this statement should include)
  • positions held: the positions relate to specific organisations so you may need to include your organisation (if it is not already listed)
  • roles: these are related to the delivery of specific educational components so you will need to list relevant components prior to completing this section


Begin by defining the major organisation and then specify additional sub-organisations as necessary.  So, for instance, you may need to specify your university, then your faculty, then your school.  The aim is to represent the overall hierarchical structure of an organisation and to drill down to specific focused organisational levels.


Define specific types of teaching, research, production facilities.

Educational components

Define specific courses, subjects, modules, workshops, etc.  Note, once again, the hierarchical structure and the capacity to add relevant resources (text documents, etc.) and images related to specific components.  You may wish, for instance, to add a subject outline for a particular subject.


Define relevant geographical regions in a hierarchical manner.


Please note that if you wish to  change the capitalisation of title field after the data has already been submitted, that you may need to delete the overall item and create it anew –