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VISUAL RESEARCH 291/391 (Studio for Electronic Arts)

When beginning to learn a new software application it can be quite confusing finding out how it works.
The first port of call when stuck should always be the HELP MENU within the application.
Generally the application will have a reference guide and some tutorials to help get you going.
Additionally, tutorials specific to software used in the Studio for Electronic Arts lab can usually be found on the shared ARTLAB server. Look on ARTLAB for a folder named TUTORIALS, then locate the folder for the application you are learning. Make a copy of the folder on the local computer desktop you are working at. Never work with an original version, always make a copy for yourself. Delete from the local computer after use.
Also you can use the internet to find useful assistance, expert advice or step-by-step guidance through tutorials.
Using a search engine such as GOOGLE or METACRAWLER for example, type in the name of the software +tutorials, then select a link.
Digital Magazines are a particularly useful technical resource for specific tutorials.
Design Graphics studio skills page as a starting point. This journal hits the news stands in hard copy every month, and is an Australia based publication.
A small selection of available tutorial links are listed below:
Assorted useful tutorials
Macintosh Software Tutorials - Iowa State University, College of Design Computer Resource Site
Director, Dreamweaver, FinalCut Pro, Flash, Illustrator, ImageReady, InDesign, Infini-D, PageMaker, Photoshop,
Premiere, QuarkXPress, SoundEdit 16, AfterEffects
Creative Mac Tutorial Archive - News, columns, reviews
Tutorials for: Animation, Compositing, Editing, Effects & 3D, Audio, Web Tools,Streaming & Interactivity,
2D & Paint Applications, Page Layout , Hardware & Misc. Tech Tips
Macintosh Software Tutorials - Iowa State University, College of Design Computer Resource Site
Macromedia Dreamweaver - Getting Started with Dreamweaver Overview
Final Cut Pro
Ken Stone's extensive FinalCut Pro Site
Flash Kit Tutorials
GoLiveHeaven Tutorials
Tutorials - Adobe GoLive 4.0 Training Videos
Adobe Illustrator : Tutorials:Illustrator Resources - Your Graphic Resource Center
Apple - iMovie
Javascript & html interactivity
Free DHTML and JavaScript samples: Download menus, scrollers, tickers, dynamic animations, image tricks, utilities.
JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
http://www.adobe.com/support/products/photoshop.html Adobe's excellent online interactive tutorial with simple explanations and easy to follow graphics
Macintosh Software Tutorials - Iowa State University, College of Design also has good tutorials.


Photoshop related notes:

These general notes may be useful for learning Photoshop 5, 5.5 and 6.
Image Ready
Basic Layers
Print Jobs
General Photoshop rundown
Tutorialfind - Adobe Premiere tutorials
3D StudioMAX
3D StudioMAX Resources
3D StudioMAX Online Resources

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