National Organisation of Media Arts Database

North Metropolitan TAFE, 12 Aberdeen St. Perth

22 Apple 27inch iMACS loaded with ADOBE CC master suite, Blender, Processing, Audacity, Da Vinci Resolve, 2 Epson professional scanners, DMX lighting studio with roller drop backdrop & green screen area, Blackmagic cameras and assorted lenses, Olympus EP3,5,7 cameras and assorted lenses.
The facility provides training and research through introductory projects from Certificate III, IV and Diploma Visual Arts. Diploma Visual Arts have two dedicated media units focusing on photo media. The first unit integrates film based techniques with digital technologies and the second unit develops digital techniques across print, web and projected image generation.
In the Associate Degree of Visual Art course students develop personal projects towards their graduate exhibitions. Recent Associate Degree graduates included Arduino based sound installation, multi-screen video, digital animation, claymation, green screen video keying, web design.