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TISEA 1992

Provided by
The University of New South Wales // College of Fine Art

Was run between 09/11/1992 and 13/11/1992

The Third Internation Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA) was a high profile electronic arts festival held in Sydney in 1992. The symposium was attended by an extensive list of well recognised artists, academics and professionals in the fields including holography, digital audio, computer animation, robotics, virtual reality and autonomous sculpture.

Ross Harley

Alessio Cavallaro

Gary Werner

TISEA Coordinating Committee:
Michele Andringa
Alessio Cavallaro
Rebecca Coyle
Paula Dawson
Tim Gruchy
Ross Harley
Jon McCormack
Bill Seaman
Gary Werner

TISEA 1992 was further ordained by a prestigious international advisory committee of artists, editors and academics.