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Research Methods

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Monash University

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Centres around a proposal written in the critical context of contemporary issues in the visual arts. It is undertaken at the initial stages of the course and is therefore encouraged to be provisional, positioning the work but with a sense of flexibility and openness to current discourses that inform contemporary practice.

On successful completion of this unit, students will:

1. be able to develop their initial proposal for studio research with a critical awareness of artistic positionality as well as the potential for challenge, debate and expansion;
2. understand methodology as a critique of method, seeking the cultural values embedded in investigative method, even when it is ostensibly value-free or objective;
3. have a sympathetic working knowledge of the language of theory in order to express the cultural values of their work, not just their practical dimensions;
4. appreciate that texts on art contain the cultural assumptions of their authors and develop a critical sense for identifying their values;
5. appreciate the difference between professional practice in their discipline and research in their discipline.