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Media Project

Provided by
Swinburne University of Technology

Run since 2002


Students undertaking Media Project will be involved in a series of project management workshops and seminars. These workshops will aim to develop your understanding of project management and provide support for you while you are planning and executing your own project.

Aims and Objectives
Students undertaking a media project are supervised in both the design and implementation of a product of
their choice (for example, a radio documentary or an electronic journal) targeted and delivered to a client. This
subject is designed to extend the skills acquired by students in radio and electronic writing and to provide an
opportunity for students to gain experience in the workplace and to work independently as freelance
practitioners. Attention will be paid to the presentation and marketing of the project.

Media project, as the title suggests, is a project based subject and the content of student projects is varied.
However, all projects require that students develop project management skills, time management skills and
an ability to work independently to a deadline. Students opt for a range of projects from radio documentaries
and web sites to video productions. All projects are displayed at a presentation evening.