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Master of Digital Media

Provided by
The University of New South Wales // College of Fine Art // School of Media Arts

Run since 2007


he Masters of Digital Media (MDM) is a three session coursework masters that provides an intensive postgraduate experience in the theory and practice of contemporary media production. Students focus on studies in audio and either 3D CGI or video. They are provided with intensive accelerated studio instruction, preparing them for the production of a major studio project in the third session.

Electives in interactive media and digital imaging are amongst a range of practical and theoretical studies that complement the core studio classes of the program.

The MDM is geared at Australian and international educators and industry professionals who would like to upgrade and specialise their existing skill set. The program has also been designed to enable national and international university students to extend their depth of study at a postgraduate level in video, 3D cgi modeling and animation, and sound.

Students can also apply for the Graduate Diploma (two sessions full-time) or Graduate Certificate (one session full-time).

Note: Applicants who hold a Bachelor of Digital Media (UNSW), or equivalent, can apply for entry in session one (March). All other applicants must commence the program in session two (July).

Program Aims
The MDM emphasises specific studio practice in the following key areas:

Studies in digital video in the MDM encompass group projects in drama and documentary production and cutting-edge graphics work using sophisticated compositing software. Students are exposed to the production process from script to screen, allowing individual and independent exploration of the medium in the third session of the degree.

Sound courses in the MDM focus on the overall audiovisual sound design of film, video and animation projects. Students also have the possibility of extending their practice into music soundtrack composition and production. Technology and practices covered include digital audio recording and editing, sound design, surround sound, audio synthesis, sampling, MIDI processes and rhythmic structures.

3D Modelling and Animation
3D within the MDM investigates the fundamental principles of 3D animation and is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive production experience in the classroom that parallels current industry trends. Exposure to these processes will facilitate group or individual investigations of the medium in the third session of the degree.

Supporting Electives
Studies in Interactive Meda, Lighting, Vector Graphics, Writing for Digital Media (with many more to chose from) are offered as a supporting program within the MDM. The electives available expose students to a wide range of material, from installations and offline media to commercial design for the Web and beyond. Within the studio practice students work both individually and in groups, drawing together many of the skills developed in the other discipline areas.

Career Opportunities
Graduates from the MDM are equipped to deal with creative problem-solving across a range of disciplines. Existing qualifications are enhanced by the Masters program to encompass opportunities in the following areas: Film and Video; Interactive Media; Animation; Audiovisual Sound Design; Interaction Design; Production Management; Production Design; Script and Project Development; Teaching and Management in Digital Media.