National Organisation of Media Arts Database

Master of Design

Provided by
Monash University

Run since 2002


This coursework masters degree allows designers to sharpen their professional practice, and further their marketing, business and analytical skills at an advanced level. Graduates of the Master of Design will have enhanced, highly developed capabilities, which will place them at the forefront of their field of design practice.

The core of the course consists of three units of design studio extending over three semesters. These are a series of supervised projects culminating in a design product (including design system, process, or artefact). Students are required to demonstrate high level planning, resourcing, implementation and evaluation, culminating in an expert understanding of the professional design process.

Students select one of the following streams within design studio for the entire course:

* industrial design
* visual communication
* interior architecture
* multimedia design
* multidisciplinary design.

In addition to the core design studio, students take two units to support the formation of design research strategies, a unit in professional practice, and a unit which complements their other studies by extending relevant skills and knowledge. Teaching consists of studio sessions, lectures and tutorials.