National Organisation of Media Arts Database

Interaction Evaluation

Provided by
Swinburne University of Technology

Run since 2008


Interaction Evaluation introduces students to the fundamentals the design of interactive multimedia, with particular emphasis on accessible, ubiquitous, engaging and immersive interfaces. Students will examine a range of interactive interfaces and develop methodologies and practices for their evaluation through research and practical study. Topics will include:
• Interactive interface design techniques.
• Human factors in interaction design.
• Interaction design for different platforms and applications.
• Cognition and mental models in interaction design.
• Evaluating game interactivity.

• To develop an understanding of how to evaluate the usability of interactive systems.
• To develop an understanding of user-centered design for interactive systems.
• To be able to apply theories of social science on the evaluation of interactive systems.
• To be able to identify and apply evaluation techniques in a range of interactive systems.