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Hyper Text Project

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Was run between 1998 and 2004


Why? Contemporary media technologies offer new affordances for the production, expression and dissemination of knowledge in the humanities. actively participates in this to encourage and facilitate the research and development of appropriate knowledge genres for appropriate technologies. What? The project supports innovative and creative uses of these technologies, primarily in networked contexts. This includes the use and provision of blogs, vogs (video blogs), academic hypertext, academic databases, email lists and other network resources in the study of networked media, media studies, and cinema. How? is an informal coalition of projects that supports the development and delivery of new curricula within the RMIT Media Studies program, and the School of Applied Communication. We provide support and development for staff and students in the use and research of networked technologies. This includes applied research projects by undergraduate, postgraduate and staff in cognate fields and disciplines. A computer lab, access to network servers, and experimental encouragement is provided.