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Bachelor of Music, Music Technology

Provided by
Edith Cowan University // Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

Run since 2007

Website: www.waapacomposers com

This three year music bachelor major qualification offers students both a conventional musical training as well as instruction in electronic music, sound art and programming. Students are examined with an installation at the end of the third year. In addition to the same aural, theory and history offered to all classical and jazz students, Music Technology majors study composition throughout the course, as well as a semester of each acousmatics, spatial music, MAxMSP, Jitter, C sound, Arduino, music internet, sound art, sound recording, mixing, mastering and production.
There is an emphasis on composition and performance, and students perform electronic/acoustic works in the ECUatorial ensemble, and in the third year, the live streaming ensemble Aletheia.
The course was written by Cat Hope, head of composition, with input from Dr Malcom Riddoch and Stuart James MA.