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Bachelor of Digital Media

Provided by
The University of New South Wales // College of Fine Art // School of Media Arts

Run since 2007


The Bachelor of Digital Media (BDM) is an innovative three-year full-time program that provides a foundation in creative media production using contemporary digital tools. The broad program provides experience in a range of digital production processes including: Digital Imaging, Video, Sound, Interactive Media, 2D and 3D Animation, and Motion Graphics. The studio-based core of this course is supported by theoretical studies that encourage critical thinking and contextualisation of the creative practice.

Students are initially exposed to detailed studio instruction across all disciplines before developing their individual studio practice in the latter stages of the degree. Students complete their degree by producing a professional portfolio that showcases their work. The BDM offers a fourth-year Honours program for students who wish to explore a particular area through further research.

Students can also apply for the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)/Bachelor of Digital Media combined program.

Program Aims
The BDM emphasises interdisciplinary practice across the following key areas:

Video studies in the BDM range from group projects in drama and documentary to cutting-edge graphics work using compositing software. Students are exposed to the production process from script to screen, with production tightly integrated with sound, 3D and digital imaging studies.

The BDM sound courses emphasise individual project creation backed by solid technical grounding. Incorporating both European and African notions of sound, projects range from audiovisual sound design to digital music production. Technology covered in core and elective courses includes digital audio recording and editing, audiovisual sound design, electro-acoustic music production; soundscape, surround sound, audio synthesis, sampling, MIDI and rhythmic structures.

Interactive Media
The interactive media program within the BDM introduces students to a wide range of material, from interactive installations to web design and emerging media cultures. Students work both individually and in groups in areas such as interaction and interface design, programming, games, audio-visual engines, and experimental projects. The discipline draws together many of the skills developed in other areas of the degree.

3D Modelling and Animation
3D Modelling and Animation within the degree offers comprehensive instruction in the use of 3D software. Students will be introduced to practical techniques and concepts , with the emphasis placed on establishing good working practice in a studio context.

Digital Imaging
The Digital Imaging component of the BDM is an image-making stream, covering image capture, digital manipulation, printing, colour control and lighting. Classes address creative, technical and theoretical aspects of digital image making.

Career Opportunities
Graduates from the BDM are equipped to deal with creative problem-solving across a range of disciplines. Previous graduates are successfully working across the range of media industries that the COFA BDM program encompasses, both nationally and internationally. The capability of the students in the program is widely respected in the industry. Upon graduation, students can consider careers in the following creative content production areas: Film and Video; Digital Imaging; Interactive Media; Animation; 3D imaging and Visualisation; Illustration and Graphics; Web Design; Sound Design and Composition; Interaction Design; Information Technology; Production Management; Production Design; Publishing.