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Bachelor of Creative Arts (Media Arts)

Provided by
University of Wollongong // Faculty of Creative Arts // School of Art & Design // Media Arts

Run since 01/02/2007


Media Arts explores the creative potential of traditional and contemporary forms of media - from photography and film through to electronic, networked and programmable media. This major is closely linked to the Visual Arts and Graphic Design majors. Students have the opportunity to pursue dedicated study in these other fields alongside their study in Media Arts. The overall aim is to encourage a dialogue between traditional forms of art and graphic design and emerging forms of new media practice.

First year involves core creative and critical literacy subjects, as well as introductory subjects in media production, web authoring and creative computing. The approach is studio-based, with a focus on developing skills in conceptually informed and technically literate experimental practice.

Second year maintains a strand of core Visual Arts practical and theoretical study and includes specialised study in physical computing and experimental film-making and animation. Students develop greater independence in their project work and exhibit their major projects in an installation context.

The final year has strong individual project emphasis, complemented by continuing core Visual Arts study. Students develop advanced skills in project research, planning, development and installation, culminating in the public exhibition of their work within the Graduate Show.